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FAQ: These are some of our frequently asked questions. 

What benefits do I get with a facial?


The opportunity to have your skin analyzed by a professional Aesthetican who has the experience and expertise to "read" your skin's needs.

Providing the skin with all it needs to fend off acne and the natural process of aging.


Taking back what nature and the hands of time have robbed your skin of. 

I like to keep my skin care routine simple. Do I need to buy a lot of products?

Most of us want an easy skin care routine, therefore we recommend the basic essentials - a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. Once you are comfortable with the basics and feel you want to expand your routine, we may suggest products like an eye cream, exfoliant, AHA/retinol, serums or masks, that will bring further enhancement to your home care.

The hair on my face really bothers me, can I wax my whole face?

Yes. Many areas of a woman's face can be waxed including brows, cheeks, side-burn area, upper lip and chin. We use a gentle and calming wax, specifically designed for the face.

Will waxing make my hair grow back darker and coarser?

This is a myth and is contrary to what actually happens. Over time, as the hair is continually pulled from the follicle, the hair becomes weaker, more refined and lighter in color.

Is there anything I should do or be aware of before I am waxed?

If you are using any kind of retinol, such as Retin A, it is important that you discontinue use for 3 -5 days prior to facial waxing. Very recent sun exposure can make your skin more sensitive to waxing. You absolutely cannot wax any part of your body if you are currently on Accutane and it is recommended that you refrain from waxing for 3-6 months after finishing the medication.

Is getting waxing services painful?

If female, being close to or on your monthly cycle can slightly increase your sensitivity. We have years of experience and with the use of proper waxing techniques, waxing is more comfortable.







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